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Welcome to the Town Hall Bakery!!

Our hours for the 2016 Fall season are daily:
Serving: 7:00AM to 2:00PM
Closed Wednesday and Thursday

Krista Olson and Don Jervis, Proprieters
6225 Highway 57, Jacksonport, WI, 54235
(920) 823-2116

Our chefs artfully combine the freshest ingredients--locally sourced whenever possible--to create cusine of superior quality.

The Town Hall Bakery has been serving delicious food for over 24 years. Owned an operated by Krista Olson and Don Jervis, the Town Hall Bakery began small and now serves daily breakfast and lunch, along with beautifully decorated baked goods, pies, and cakes. We are famous for our cherry pies, caramel rolls, skorpa, scones, cherry oatmeal cookies, granola, and cakes. We also provide music, art, and theatre to the local community.

The building that houses the Town Hall Bakery was built in 1890, and is a historic landmark in Jacksonport.